Acquiring a home for yourself for the very first time can be a very intimidating idea. It involves a legal side that is wrought with legal jargon that is alien to you and on the other side, you have been privy to details of terrible experiences while attempting to buy property, involving sellers who just refuse to sell at the last minute or a host of other bad scenarios.

The world of property law and lawyers is intimidating and it is rather easy to be drawn into this mindset especially if you have never really dealt with solicitors during previous dealings. You have no need to fear however, conveyancing lawyers are available to handle the hard work on your behalf and reputable online conveyancing services, will assist with reduction of stress rather than its increase.


Before deciding to purchase a home, it is not very likely that you will come across the word "conveyancing". It is a term that refers to the legal process involved when a property changes hands. The type of conveyancing you are most likely going to be a part of is residential conveyancing which has to do with the buying, selling and renting of homes and personal property alike. Another type, commercial conveyancing, has to do with the purchase of. Business properties.


These lawyers are the ones who deal with the extensive paperwork as well as steps involved in the transfer of equity of a property (transferring the title deeds of said property from the other person's name to yours) can be legal.

It is important to seek the services of a conveyancing solicitor while buying property. These lawyers will handle everything right from the moment your offer is made to the estate agent and then they will give you instructions on the various documents for signing and then also organize environmental, water and drainage as well as Local and Authority searches. The lawyer will also make arrangements for taxes to be paid and in conjunction with your mortgage lender, see to the funding of the purchase.

If perhaps you decide to remortgage your property sometime in the future, you will need a conveyancing lawyer and if you want to rent out your property, you will need the lawyer to draw up the residential property leases.


The time involved varies and can be as small as 6 weeks or it could also be longer and span about 12 weeks. It depends on the amount of time it will take to complete searches involving other buyers and sellers in the chain, which as a first-time buyer, you would have been placed at the bottom of. On the average, conveyancing can take about 10 weeks.

Legal paperwork is required for both the buying and selling of leasehold property, in order to arrange the transfer of equity. Conveyancing lawyers, prepare this paperwork for you and also arrange for funds while also checking the mortgage and also, contract documents.

It is not uncommon for home owners or buyers to use a conveyance service that has been suggested to them by the estate agent they use. However, conveyancing lawyers can vary a lot, with regards to fees and services being offered.

Residential conveyancing can take between 6 and 8 weeks from when the decision to buy a property is made up until when one finally moves in. However, this time frame can be increased for some reasons. In a case where the property involved is part of a chain, and the seller is planning to also buy another property forthwith, there can be some delays. This is especially true when the chain is a long one and involves a lot of property.